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Cowgirl Art: Wear those Boots!

The Jill Neal Gallery is home to some pretty awesome cowgirl art for your walls. Us gals love our boots, so be ready to display them proudly! It’s a great option for framing or gifting to a boot-lovin’ cowgirl friend or family member. See our other cowgirl art prints for your collection.Continue Reading

Unique Gifts for Women: Mugs, Coasters, Tapas Plates, and More!

We love our unique women. That’s why we love unique gifts for women! We make creations for women of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. And they’re just plain fun to have. You deserve something as special as you are. Here’s a list of some of the unique gifts for women that we offer: Mugs: JillContinue Reading

New Art for Women:

Here’s the cover of the ABC Diva’s book. Hopefully we’ll have it in ready to publish (or be published) very soon! We’re excited for all the possibilities for these book of great art for women. They’ll also make great gifts for any occasion.Continue Reading

Art Prints for Women: Bodacious Women Friends Enjoying Life!

Bodacious women friends enjoying life: these are the art prints for women you expect from the Jill Neal Gallery. Our art prints for women are entertaining!Continue Reading

Greeting Cards for Women: A Free-spirited, Life Loving, Martini Drinking, Cigar Smoking Woman

These are new greeting cards for women, based on the watercolor titled “The Rebel”  Meant to embody the free spirited woman, frolicking in the moonlight with her martini and cigar. This greeting card for women was based on a friend, Rene’ Frati, the mother of a best buddy of my middle son. This free-spirited, wildContinue Reading

Women’s Greeting Cards: Retirement, New job, Change of Life, Encouragement

As women, (men too, but since I am not one, can only focus on the female aspect) we tend to resist change, or at least hesitate, as we can be a bit too cautious… That is, until we consider all sides and “go for it!” Women’s greeting cards ought to reflect this. Our specific women’s greetingContinue Reading

Encouraging Greeting Cards: To Uplift and Support

The “pink martinis” was originally painted as the signature piece for the Sara Fischer Foundations annual cancer fundraiser, their 10th year with a pink martini theme, with a couture fashion show and big night out. All the proceeds going to benefit the foundation. The models were all cancer survivors, with the exception of Dr. Cornfield,Continue Reading

Wine Art Prints: Wine-Loving Woman, the Wine Diva, Enjoying Red Wine!

Do you love wine? Do you love art? How about wine art prints? Wine is a freeing, wonderful, substance, and in my opinion, a gift from God! Jill Neal Art Gallery loves wine, especially red wines, so it just makes sense to paint wine art prints of a woman joyfully toasting the world. Cheers! Reading

Women’s Art Prints: Retirement, Divorce, New Job, Freedom!

My father, when he retired, received the gift of a man running into the sunset, naked. Jill Neal Gallery wanted to create the female version of these women’s art prints, so we painted a woman running into the sunset, to the beach, throwing off all encumbrances. Her shoes, purse, pumps, bra, power suit, joyfully headingContinue Reading

Unique Art for Women: Oyster-Loving Women, for Lovers of Bivalves

After attending an “oyster event” in Shelton, I had a vision of unique art for women: women dancing through oyster shells, tongues out, ready to slurp raw oysters. As anyone knows, oysters are nature’s “love food” and these represent the “oyster nymphs” joyously ready to imbibe on bivalves, enjoying the whole experience. This was oneContinue Reading

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