Encouraging Greeting Cards: To Uplift and Support

PinkMartinisGCThe “pink martinis” was originally painted as the signature piece for the Sara Fischer Foundations annual cancer fundraiser, their 10th year with a pink martini theme, with a couture fashion show and big night out. All the proceeds going to benefit the foundation. The models were all cancer survivors, with the exception of Dr. Cornfield, a favorite and wonderful oncologist from Bend, Oregon. The piece, turned into encouraging greeting cards, follows another piece titled the “Chemo Queens” which will follow in another blog post. It is tough to paint a picture that is positive about cancer, which is the ultimate negative… but having had a close cousin go through three rounds of treatment, I learned that patients need the support of friends, and a sense of humor, to weather the storm.

This piece shows three women, the first, who has already gone through treatment, the second, who is currently going through (note the one breast, “tattoo” and bald head) and the one who will go through. They celebrate who they are, and the moment!  I released this as a card, after having SO many chemo patients contact me with LOVING the fact that there could be some warmth and humor to cover this horrible thing called cancer.  I hope these are encouraging greeting cards to those who need it!

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