Greeting Cards for Women: A Free-spirited, Life Loving, Martini Drinking, Cigar Smoking Woman

TheRebelGCThese are new greeting cards for women, based on the watercolor titled “The Rebel”  Meant to embody the free spirited woman, frolicking in the moonlight with her martini and cigar. This greeting card for women was based on a friend, Rene’ Frati, the mother of a best buddy of my middle son.

This free-spirited, wild woman would bring martinis for herself to Bunko parties instead of the usual wine and had a joyous free spirit that was embodied by a full laugh, giggle, and smart as a whip! We giggled our way through a girls trip to Disneyland, as I was given some free VIP passes from a Disney artist after an event at the Millard Sheets Gallery in California.  We drank martinis, went on rides, and I have never laughed so much in my life. The world needs more like her and more greeting cards for women like this!

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