Quilting Art for Women: Jill Neal Gallery

We love our sewing and quilting art! Here are three pieces we are especially proud of for our love of quilting, fabric, and all things sewing.
Go with the Flow
Painting a series of pieces for the quilter crowd, this one popped in my head.  It’s a running woman carrying fabric as she freely runs forward…going with the flow!  This was actually painted to go on a mug, so the fabric would wrap around the entire surface.
Sew many Colors
This piece followed “Go with the flow” as it morphed in my brain while I was painting.  I wanted to show women of all colors, running with all colors, to create with the fabric of all colors, beautiful items.  The imperative “sew” is active, as they run freely carrying the banners of multi-colored fabric to create a multicolored world.
While I don’t quilt, I can appreciate the tactile feel of material, the beautiful colors and patterns, and see why they are so loved by sewers and quilters.  It has been shared to me by them that they will never use up all the fabric they have acquired, and boxes and rooms of fabrics store the fabrics they love and have collected.  Foreplay shows the love affair between a woman and her fabric, in anticipation of what she will create.

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