Unique Art for Women: Oyster-Loving Women, for Lovers of Bivalves

the oysterdanceAfter attending an “oyster event” in Shelton, I had a vision of unique art for women: women dancing through oyster shells, tongues out, ready to slurp raw oysters. As anyone knows, oysters are nature’s “love food” and these represent the “oyster nymphs” joyously ready to imbibe on bivalves, enjoying the whole experience. This was one of my first “ladies” images, unique art for women for sure, and as in most of my artwork. The whole picture popped into my head, completed and ready to be painted.

Experiences seem to “pop” an image in my head, and I have to paint it… So maybe I am not responsible totally for what comes out on paper or for our unique art for women. I DO love oysters though… :)

Oysterdance t-shirts

Oysterdance prints


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