Wine, Women, and Chocolate Event


There’s nothing better than wine, women, and chocolate. Stop by our Sisters location for more of Jill’s Wild Women, good wine, and tasty chocolate as you browse the art. Hope to see you there! Chocolate, wine, and women Friday and Saturday the 12-13th, what more do you need?

10% of EVERY SALE will go to benefit Bethlehem Inn in Bend, Oregon, who provide resources for the homeless in Central Oregon.

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  1. Hadi says:

    I just loved to leave a reply. That’s all!

  2. Susan Shebitz says:

    I met a lady yesterday at Macy’s. We were both standing in line at the home section waiting to pay for our goods.Someone walked by and mentioned this event to the lady that was standing behind me. The two women seem to be good friends and To have known each other for a long time. This event of Wine, Women, & Chocolate was talked about ! She said to me, “have you been to the shop”? …. then we started talking about the shop & the event!
    To the lady the lady I was talking to in the home department, if you read this please send me a message on Face Book ! Would love to meet up with you again !

    It sounds good to me and I would really like to join you. I’m new in the area and have only been here three weeks. I find people are very friendly and I look forward to making some new friends. I hope to see the lady that I was standing next to me in line. She was really nice. I would love to come to your event , I will see you on the 13th or 14th.
    Thank You,
    Susan Shebitz

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