Red Boots slate print

Windswept cowgirls with their red boots, hang out in the breezy afternoon, close but leaning into the wind.  Part of the red boot series, this is a wonderful addition for the lovers of this piece, that don't have the wall space, but want a western women accent.  5 x 7 slate with a table top stand.


  • Just broke my favorite mug😢. The Coconut Girls

    Robin Brugh
  • Hi Jill,
    Thanks so much for reaching out in Boise and encouraging me to apply to the Sisters Fall Faire. It was such a busy show there wasn’t enough time to visit😩. I hope our paths cross again in the near future.
    All the best to you,

    linda ballard
  • I ordered this slate and I only received a mask, which I do not remember ordering or not. Please attend to this problem.

  • Thank you for your e-mail!
    I have done quite a few wine labels, and the piece you love was also just a cover for a women’s magazine in the Hamptons. I would need to know if the wine is for your personal use, or if it will be sold commercially. I have four different wineries now that have paid to use my images on their bottles and don’t want to set a precedent. If it’s for personal use (and drinking) :) I’ll maybe make a concession.


    Jill Neal
  • Jill Neal ,
    I love love love your work . I wish I could talk to you directly .
    I’m from Hawaii and my friend from Argentina gave me 300 bottles of wine for my 50th . The label is Hanai sisters . I would like to put (Taking the Plunge )on the label with your name as the artist of course or something similar if you can think of something equally wonderful for Hanai Sisters . I cannot begin to tell you how Taking the plunge really sums up Hanai Sisters . It brings JOY . I don’t know anyone else who could encompass this feeling or the label I want .
    It’s a Bold Malbec blend, that would blend well with this label .

    Mahalo ,

    Heather 🌺

    Heather Fraser

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